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Description: Tired of the Furniture Balancing Act?

Your Hotel Liquidators in the Washington Metropolitan Area

Hotel Furniture Solutions takes the hassle out of furniture management for chief engineers, general contractors, designers, and others involved in the construction or renovation of hotels, educational institutions, assisted living centers, and other facilities. As one of the leading furniture installers in the Washington metro area, we employ bonded, uniformed, full-time movers who are experienced in moving furniture in and out of trucks and installing into rooms according to floor plans.


We can handle the whole job, or just those tasks where you need support. Our services include:

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BED SWITCHES With 21 years of experience we are more efficient and faster than anyone!

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INSTALLATION of your new furniture when and where you need it.

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LIQUIDATION of used hotel furniture at fair and competitive prices, which we sell locally.

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WAREHOUSING of your new furniture for safe storage until the rooms are ready for installation.

After all, you have more profitable things to do than play the furniture balancing act!

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Description: "Hotel Furniture Solutions gives us exactly what we need to meet our customers' high expectations: complete reliability, a professional approach, and excellent attention" Edgar Elliott, Director of Renovations and Pre-Openings, The Kimpton Group