Leave the Balancing Act to Us

From complete job management to partial projects.

When it comes to managing FF&E, you know how much is riding on fast, efficient removal and installation. Since 1983, we have met every kind of scheduling and installation challenge, giving us the unparalleled experience you can count on to get the job done right.

Stay Open for Business and Reduce Lost Room Nights!

  • Our well-organized service helps you remain open for business while you make changes
  • Experienced planning means less down time for guest rooms
  • We can coordinate scheduling around your construction crews, painting and carpet installations
  • Installation for entire project or staggered delivery floor by floor, or room by room


  • Installation according to your floor plans and schedule
  • Unpacking and disposal of packing materials
  • Assembly of furniture
  • Carpentry service for hangables
  • We handle the logistics of all phases of delivery and installation to keep as many rooms as possible available for occupancy while changes are made
  • Our crews are full-time employees of our company so we have the flexibility to make last-minute schedule changes, if needed

Project Managment

  • Complete management of FF&E cycle
  • Preparation of project timelines
  • Coordination of critical issues with hotel management or contractor
  • Handling of partial assignments or individual tasks
  • Receiving of new FF&E at your loading dock OR at our warehouse


  • Delivery when and where you want it
  • Pickup from your property of furnishings or items to be stored
  • 24′ straight trucks with liftgates
  • All vehicles carry US DOT permits
  • Trucks are sized to navigate narrow streets


  • Liquidation of existing furnishings
  • We coordinate removal of existing items with installation of new items to minimize lost room nights
  • Because our crews are local employees, we can rearrange schedules on shorter notice than other companies


  • Large capacity, state-of-the-art warehouse storage
  • Computerized inventory cataloging system
  • Coded spreadsheets by floors and room numbers
  • One-day lead time for ordering and delivery
  • Delivery and installation room by room per your specifications

“Our projects are tightly scheduled, complicated and logistically demanding. Hotel Furniture Sellout serves as a valuable strategic resource by offering turnkey furniture management services.”

— Tom Garcia, Project Manager, Humphrey Rich Construction Group