Warehousing & Delivery

Our state-of-the-art warehousing allows us to receive, catalog and safely store furnishings until YOU are ready for delivery and installation.

Large Capacity Facility

  • Allows us to handle projects of any size
  • Convenient location in Maryland means fast response time
  • Climate-controlled, secure warehouse

Receiving, Storage & Management

  • Ability to keep track of thousands of items
  • Computerized inventory spreadsheets created from client floor plans
  • Cataloging by floor and room for easy retrieval
  • In the event there is visible damage to containers/packages, customer and supplier will be notified
  • Thorough documentation, tracking and accurate reporting

Delivery & Installation

  • Fast one-day lead time for ordering and delivery
  • Computerization allows for flexibility if your schedule changes
  • We deliver, unload, unpack items and dispose of packing materials
  • We transport items to each room and place according to your specifications

Our exceptional warehouse services mean we are efficient, reliable, and accurate … and we always deliver on time!